• Instantly Iconic

  • "Sandwich" Frame Construction

  • Ultra Scratched Surface Hand-Finished

  • Rimlock Closing with Watch Crown Mechanisim

  • Each frame undergoes more than 100+ production steps

  • Signature Watch Crown Detail

  • Hypoallergenic and Comfortable Nosepads

  • Very Strong

  • Handmade in Italy


TAVAT’s SoupCan Collection is inspired by how goggles were thought to be made back in 1930’s America, from Soup Cans!

Forget the traditional methods of manufacturing: TAVAT completely bypassed all of those norms and standards and sought out the true eyewear artisans to bring something revolutionary. Each frame is manufactured almost entirely by “coining” Alpacca and “dying” components, then completely assembled and finished by hand.

Introducing the original "Round M,” a perfectly retro frame, which undoubtedly makes a statement in every setting. It is only by being bold that you get anywhere and if you are a risk-taker, then this is the perfect statement piece to take anywhere.