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The Engineering Behind TAVAT

TAVATA Sunglasses

‘‘Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution’’ truly said by Aristotle. A real-life modern example of this timeless piece of wisdom can be seen in the excellence of design-driven TAVAT eyewear. Each TAVAT eyewear is the result of sincere effort, respect for advance innovation and impeccable quality. The engineering behind TAVAT eyewear is more than what meets the eye and TAVAT is more than mere eyewear. TAVAT is intentional excellence. 

TAVAT focuses on making timeless eyewear that stands the test of time and devoted to making eyewear that transcends beyond fashion; eyewear that excels in eye care and functionality. 

Founded in 2010, TAVAT eyewear is a design-driven optical company based in Northern Italy.  TAVAT glasses are designed and made in California and manufactured by the eyewear artisans in the foothills of Dolomites, Italy.

The mastermind and the designer behind TAVAT, Norman Schureman’s respect for modern technologies and love for tradition is making what TAVAT eyewear is today. They use avant-garde modern technology and yet crafted by hand at the same time, respecting the centuries-old tradition in eyewear making. 

TAVAT incorporates modern materials like TLT melanin lenses and each frame goes through more than 100+ production steps. Scheuermann's desire to make frames simple and functional yet appealing definitely speaks volumes of the design.

Each TAVAT frame is iconic and sings Shureman’s ‘less is more’ philosophy in designing.

The Birth of an Excellence in Eyewear

A family driven business, hungry to give the world the best version of eyewear in eye care and style, TAVAT bypassed all the norms and standards set in eyewear making by giving people the best handmade eyewear. They started by looking for true eyewear artisans in Italy and so revolutionized the way eyewear is manufactured today.

Each TAVAT frame is made almost entirely by “coining” Alpaca and “dying” components, after which the parts are then completely assembled and finished by hand. The beauty of handmade eyewear lies in the small details and TAVAT is made especially for the ones that love the delicacy of handmade eyewear.

TAVAT Design and the Collection 

TAVAT’s collections Ex-cam, Kafee, Soupcan and Tactile are intended for a wide range of people and fields.

TAVAT airman

Ex-Cam draws upon the world of luxury flying so this design line is for someone who is truly an extraordinary voyager. Kafee collection was inspired by the Café Racer motorcycles and intended for those who are truly happy on the saddle of iron horses.

The Soupcan collection takes inspiration from how goggles were thought to be made back in 1930’s America, from Soup Cans.The newest addition is the Tactile collection which combines aesthetic pleasure with refinement but doesn’t leave functional elements behind. This makes the Tactile collection the quintessential eyewear collection.

Each TAVAT collection is unique and lends voice to the artist behind the design but you will find that all TAVAT pieces go through the same rigours of production. Be it any collection, whether Kafee or Tactile, the design-driven eyewear, love for innovation and tradition, detail, hard work and accuracy is explosively announced in each and every piece.

TAVAT Lens Technology

TAVAT has paved the way for trail-blazing lens technology in the eyewear industry. Their inclusion of Melanin infused in each and every lens piece provides visual performance as well as long term eye protection.

Various studies conducted by leading eye care centers in America have validated the importance and protection value of Melanin, a naturally occurring pigment found in the human eye that protects us against the sunlight damage by filtering UV Ultraviolet and High Energy Visible (HEV) light.

TAVAT, acknowledging this research and the importance of melanin, chose to infuse the lenses with melanin for all their glasses, creating the best amalgamation of execution, function and design.

TAVAT lens technology

TAVAT lenses are infused with synthetic melanin that not only provides eye protection but improves clarity and enhances contrast without any distortions as well.  These lenses are inspired by the natural defense mechanism of the human body against the harmful rays of the sun. The synthetic melanin infused in the lenses works in the same way as natural melanin in our eyes, it acts as a shield against UV rays and up to 97% of HEV light providing clearer vision with optimum protection for the eyes.

The difference between regular sunglasses and TAVAT’s synthetic melanin infused lenses are crystal clear, exactly like the vision they provide. Melanin infused lenses are hard coated meaning they scratch resistant and their polarizing filter helps your vision as well. Added to that, TAVAT lenses have an anti-reflective, hydrophobic, oleophobic and anti-static coating. Simply put, TAVAT lenses repel glare, water, finger smudges and dust.

Compared to normal lenses, TAVAT not only protects and filters 100% UV light but filters up to 97% of the HEV light which reduces the long term effect on the retina of the eyes, reducing the age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.

In addition, TAVAT lenses reduces the ‘haze effect’ of HEV light. TAVAT offers lenses in melanin and melanin polar as well, for those looking for polarizing filters. For those looking for extra variety, TAVAT offers lenses in optical, sun and prescription-approved sunglass lenses options as well.

The Frames, Advanced Engineering and Expert Hand Craftsmanship

TAVAT proudly announces that their frames are ‘as expertly engineered and handcrafted as their lenses’.  TAVAT utilizes the best of the materials like surgical stainless steel, acetate and Grilamid TR-90 with superior properties to create perfectly functional frames that are lightweight and strong, guaranteeing comfort and superior fit. 

TAVAT Frames

These superior materials ensure durability and functionality. Combined with advanced engineering and expert hand craftsmanship, TAVAT provides the best of technology and sophistication to each pair of their glasses. With ‘sandwich’ frame construction and ultra-scratched hand finished surface each TAVAT frame are made with precision.

And it doesn't stop there, each frame has rim lock closing and watch-crown mechanism too. Hypoallergenic and comfortable nose pads provide optimum comfort and fit for the wearer.

The Engineering Behind the ‘Hinge’ in Each TAVAT Collection

Soupcan Collection

The hinges in Soupcan collection is made with a high degree of precision and are fully tested for any kind of eventuality. The hinge has a ‘spacer’ which acts as the stop for the temple opening but also as a gauge that controls the minimum closing of the top and bottom parts of the frame.

The screw and the crown assembly is another process in TAVAT frames. A Swiss Screw Manufacturer makes the screw and crown assembly to the highest precision and tolerance so that it can act as a maximum gauge. The hinge mechanism has a maximum tolerance of circa 0.02 millimeters.

Tactile collection

The hinges in the Tactile frames makes a signature acoustic sound, unique to that particular frame only. 

TAVAT Tactile collection

The hinge has a hidden spring and piston under each Tactile collection glasses. And the engineering behind the Tactile’s click or sound is possible because of the spring that pushes the piston which then interacts with teeth of the gear.

Like a bottle of wine, the sounds get better over time as the teeth of the gear smooth out. Tactile hinges have been tested over 30,000 opening and closing equivalent to 8 years of continuous use! This adds an extra aural dimension to the frame which sets the TAVAT's Tactile collection a world apart from all the others.

Ex-Cam Collection

TAVAT’s Ex-Cam guarantees a high tech mechanical precision and quality for which it was nominated for prestigious Silmo d’Or award in Paris, on October 2010.

The precise engineering behind that sound or ‘click’ is because of the temple opening and closing, caused by the sliding cam, or double wires connected by the barrel and the insertion of spring hidden inside the hinge working in compression over time. 

TAVAT’s excellence and innovation doesn’t stop here, however. TAVAT continues to grow innovation and precise engineering every day, to provide you with better eyewear, each model and frame a visual masterpiece. TAVAT has and will continue to make trail-blazing advances in the global eyewear industry for years to come.

In this chaotic world of millions of sunglasses, each touting to be better than the last, let TAVAT eyewear, with their eye-pieces that exude ‘intentional excellence’ help you enjoy clarity. 

Glasses from TAVAT eyewear are available at Cobalt International (Cobaltbkk), Bangkok, Thailand.

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