Hip-Hop and CAZAL

Hip-hip and Cazal

The eminent hip hop legends of our time, did more than just craft rhymes all day, they created history, in music and in fashion. Baggy pants, oversized t-shirts, thick gold chains, sneakers and sunglasses became the staple of hip-hop legends, almost making it a universal uniform. One product, out of all, that stands out is the legendary CAZAL sunglasses.


The Rolling 80s and Cazal

CAZAL; an epitome of the 80s fashion, the eyewear that defined the hip hop look of the 80s like no other creating a cult status among its fans. CAZAL till today is synonymous to luxury and hip-hop royalty.

Designed by the Austrian eyewear designer Cari Zalloni, CAZAL revolutionized eyewear design and created trends that were way ahead of their time. The name CAZAL is derived from the first letters of this visionary eyewear maker CAri ZALloni.

Birth of a new eyewear era,CAZAL

Flipping through the pages of hip hop’s history, CAZAL was first embraced and popularized by the trio Run-D.M.C.’s Darryl McDaniels. The trailblazer who defined the look of the 80s hip hop. He was especially fond of the legendary 607s sunglasses, one of the very first pairs ever released by CAZAL eyewear.

 Other than McDaniels, the pioneers of west coast hip hop, the duo, Rodney-O, and Joe Cooley were often spotted wearing CAZAL 951s and 955s.

Cazal Eyewear

Not just the men, the women artists loved CAZAL just as much. CAZAL sunglasses were seen first in the music video “Wind It Up” by Gwen Stefani for her first single The Sweet Escape.

 The rest, as they say, is history.

Continuing the legacy

Since the 80s till today, CAZAL sunglasses are as loved and admired by hip hop artists around the world. The unique and unmistakable CAZAL glasses continues to write eyewear history like no other brand. A truly legendary brand, CAZAL’s designs from that era can still be seen trendsetting even now.

Cazal eyewear

Today CAZAL can be seen worn by the legends of the contemporary hip hop music from Amber Rose to Rihanna and Rick Ross, the loyal fan who tattooed the CAZAL logo on his face. Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Jay Z, Usher and Kanye West still love CAZAL as much as in the 80s.


What makes CAZAL a cut above the rest?

Trends might come and go, but style and legend like CAZAL will never get out of fashion. When passion and talent boil down to a product, it becomes CAZAL. Loved by the wearers around the world, CAZAL is more than just a pair of sunnies, CAZAL is validation, CAZAL is proof and CAZAL is a community that binds all Hip-Hop artists around the world.

cazal eyewear

CAZAL never pursued the norm, rather always found new ways, in designing, style and in the eyewear industry, resulting in original and unique eyewear models with impeccable value. Loved by all, unisex glasses are often striking and always unusual.

What makes CAZAL simply amazing are not just its style and design but also the materials used like unadulterated titanium and gold and the luxurious handling of them ensure the most elevated quality added with exceptional workmanship and extravagant treatment of them guarantee their impeccable quality.

Whether you are a hip-hop artist or a diehard fan of the music or just a regular bloke, CAZZYs will definitely make you look like royalty. So, next time you go for a pair of sunnies, make sure you reach out for CAZZYs on Cobalt International’s showroom aisle or on website.

 CAZAL sunglasses are sold exclusively by Cobalt International (Cobaltbkk) Bangkok, Thailand.


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