7 Days of Spektre

Beauty with a Purpose of Colored Lenses 

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Since the dawn of civilization, humans have always held a deep fascination with color. From cave drawings to the most famous painting, history provides us with decisive proof that for cultures around the world, colors carry deep sentiment, meaning, and significance. Recent psychological studies have theorized that colors can help boost our attention span, sway our thinking and even cause unintended reactions. 

Every culture has its own interpretation and importance of colors. Thailand is no stranger to color-coordinated symbolisms. In fact, Thai astrological traditions has assigned a color to each day of the week based on Navagraha, the protector God of that particular day. The next time you visit Thailand don't be surprised if you see most people wearing the same shade of color on a particular day. Every Thai knows these lucky colors by heart and consider the color of the day they were born as their luckiest color.

At Cobalt International (Cobaltbkk), we recognize the importance of upholding cherished traditions. Keeping this mind, here’s how you can match Thailand’s lucky color to your day and outfit and make your week as colorful as glasses from Spektre. We will also let you in on a little secret and tell you all the benefits different colored lenses provide to your eyes and overall health and well-being.  

Glasses these days come in different shapes, sizes, and color. The glasses from Spektre are as colorful as it gets. There are different color lenses in different shapes and sizes for different benefits. Suitable for the colorful souls out there. 

When we think about beneficial glasses, we mostly think about grey and black shades. But with colorful glasses from Spektre, you need not be stuck to the same old boring grey and black shades, here’s a guide to slaying the right color for the right use based on Thailand's "Color of the Day".  Read on for the ultimate color guide with Spektre.

"Yellow for Monday”  

Spektre sunglasses

The dreadful Monday, not on everyone’s favorite list. It is the first working day of the week. Back to school, back to the office day. 

But you can still save Monday and make it bearable with some funky sunglasses. Add yellow colored sunglasses like YOKO from Spektre as yellow lenses are believed to provide clarity outdoors and even indoors. If you are someone in a desk job then yellow lenses are definitely your vibe as they are known to filter blue light from computer screens and electronic devices.  Also great for indoor sports and computer games. 

"Pink for Tuesday" 

Spektre Sunglasses

The second day of the week.  Add a little dash of pink with your glasses and choose lenses like Met-ro Flat Pink Pastel from Spektre as it provides depth and contrast which increases visual awareness. It will help you stay alert and concentrate more on your work. 

Scientifically pink tinted lenses are believed to reduce eye strain and are suitable for driving. Tuesday isn't that bad now, is it?

"Green for Wednesday”

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The worst has passed. You are now in midweek and who doesn't love a Wednesday? Taking us closer to Friday. As your works and responsibilities increase by the midweek, and as you will be juggling many things, green will definitely save your day. Green tinted lenses are suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. Green lenses are known for filtering blue light and helps provide precision.  

Try our Met-Ro 2 Green Mirror from Spektre for that extra bit of love. 

And if you are planning a day out like for a game of tennis, golf and other outdoor sports, don't forget to take your green shades with you. 

"Orange/Brown for Thursday"

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Good news folks, you are almost there! You can make till the end. In Thailand, orange/ brown is considered lucky for Thursday. So, quickly! grab your brown/orange shades. Colorful sunglasses not only make you look stylish, they even protect your precious eyes.

An orange/brown tinted lens like SHE LOVES YOU Bordeaux / Orange Mirror from Spektre are good for low light conditions. And it reduces eye fatigue. These lenses are good for indoor activities, field activities and even driving too.  

"Blue for Friday”

Spektre Sunglasses

Phew! You made it! You did break some sweat this week. So, to make your Friyay more fun, how about glasses with blue lenses?  It's not just lucky for you but it reduces glare and enhances colors. It is definitely, fashion with a purpose as the blue lens looks trendy and are visually appealing too. Also, blue lens is best for outdoor sports and leisure activities.  

Let Met-ro Blue/Blue Mirror from Spektre do both of the jobs for you. 

"Purple for Saturday"

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Probably the best day of the week. Waking up late and having that hearty breakfast! Saturdays are as sweet and as fluffy as pancakes with maple syrup. Saturdays are just beautiful.  

Whether you are going out for that hearty lunch or brunch or just staying in playing video games or just watching Netflix. Don't let the anything ruin your day. Use purple polarized lenses like Met-ro Silver/ Purple Mirror from Spektre to give your eyes protection against UV rays and blue light emitted by your screens. We suggest you to choose between darker or lighter shade to serve that purpose. 

"Red for Sunday”

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For the last day of the weekend, if you are waiting for that extra boost of motivation and mood then ‘red’ sunglasses are all you need. The red color provides visual awareness, the same as pink. 

So, whether you are going for a game of golf or just hiking up the mountains, make red lenses like Love story from Spektre sunglasses your travel buddy for Sunday. 

With Spektre, you are never left wanting, be it any day of the week. So, whether you’re a true born and bled Thai or a globe-trotter looking for your next flight to Bangkok or Pattaya, make sure you take your trusty pair of Spektre sunglasses with you. As they say, ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’ so, when in Thailand, do as the Thais do and flaunt your lucky colors every day of the week! 


Proudly made in Italy, Spektre Sunglasses are distributed by Cobalt International (Cobaltbkk) Bangkok, Thailand. 

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