The Wearable Art by Blake Kuwahara


Imagine a world, where Vincent Van Gogh was an haute couture designer and The Starry Night was a piece of cloth instead of a painting. And you were the owner of that wearable piece of art.  Well, the truth is, your imagination has become a reality with artful glasses from eyewear designer Blake Kuwahara.

Blake Kuwahara is an artist, a designer, and a veritable pioneer in eyewear designs blending aesthetic and functionality. Each piece of frame he creates, breathes character and soul in itself. His designed sunglasses are no less than a beautiful painting or a piece of art. Colors, shapes and textures give each piece of the individual frame a nuanced identity.

Like the designer himself, his creations are paradoxical, because they are an art form but they fulfil both functional and visual purposes. Kuwahara in his interviews often mentions that his inspiration behind his designs is a healthy amount of respect for minimalism and Wabi-Sabi sensibility.


Wabi-Sabi and Venturi

Wabi-Sabi, a traditional Japanese concept, an aesthetic about embracing imperfections and accepting the beauty of objects in its natural form is often reflected in Kuwahara’s designs. The frames are hand drilled and hand-scratched to get texture and details so that each frame have individual temperament and exclusivity. Infusing Wabi-Sabi sensibility to bring out texture and character in his designs Kuwahara ensures that your eyewear delivers not only visual and functional but tactile experiences as well. Like Venturi from Kuwahara’s collection which is created by fully laminating two completely separate frames through a proprietary process that alone takes a full two months. The frames then go through an extensive milling process to give each one its tactile sensibility and variation.

Venturi from Blake Kuwahara's collection

Each frame is handcrafted in Japan carrying the legacy of ‘Made in Japan’ sentiment and the hard work and perfection put forward by the eyewear artisans. Always a good choice for the ones that want something classic but a timeless fashion statement.


Feather Light Lautner

Blake Kuwahara’s refined sense of design aesthetics, knowledge of proportion and balance is reflected in his frames often with a twist. The Blake Kuwahara eyewear is inspired by Kuwahara’s attraction to objects that effuse an intrinsic sense of character and emotion. But as artful as these glasses are they are also very comfortable and practical to wear like the Lautner. It combines a finely milled acetate front with a metal chassis and temples for a sporty yet stylish look. The acetate front makes it feather-light to carry.

Lautner from Blake Kuwahara

His aesthetic sensibility towards everyday inspirational objects and his sense of balance and proportion in each of his creations makes each Blake Kuwahara Eyewear what they are today. They look good, feel good, and frequently are top celebrity picks, magazine awards and fashion shows. Kuwahara’s bold forays into innovative experiments has helped him gain an almost cult-like following among the fashion elites. One of his finest experimentation is ‘frame-within-a-frame’ sunglasses.


Frame-within-frame Larsen

Blake Kuwahara has gone far and beyond and has added another dimension to the eyewear industry by producing innovative frames that have another frame inside, creating a ‘frame-within-a-frame’ sunglasses, Larsen is one of them. These glasses sport a shield-like silhouette with a metal chassis outer frame, capturing the “frame-within-a frame” acetate front.

Frame-within-frame Larsen from Blake kuwahara

The ‘Frame within a frame’ concept has a revenant motif with darker shaded shapes which are encircled by a transparent outer frame. He takes two different aesthetics and infuses them to create one phenomenal pair of glasses. He takes two frames and laminates them together to create a ‘frame within a frame’ sunglasses. The illusion is surprising and artful but wearable as well.


Bold Statement Beelman

The ‘frame within a frame’ forms different silhouettes and the translucent outer shape gives it character and dramatic effect to the eyes of the wearer. Another series is the Beelman, which makes a bold statement with its distinctive “frame-within-a-frame” construction and shapes itself with contrasting beveled metal temples. It’s a great choice for the fashion-forward.

Belman from Blake Kuwahara at Cobaltbkk

Surface writes,”It’s evident in his artful frames that Blake Kuwahara approaches creating eyewear as a meticulous discipline of design”. Each wearable art piece of Blake Kuwahara designer sunglasses takes time. It takes patience and excellent hand craftsmanship.  Unlike fast fashion, Blake Kuwahara sunglasses are a timeless piece of art. He particularly talks about ‘slow-cooking’ his designs while making each individual frame. Whoever said it, said it right; all good things come to those who wait.


2 Months of Creation Chambers

Let’s take a look at Chambers, a favorite among celebrities. Chambers is a unisex pair of glasses created by laminating two completely separate frames through a process that takes a full two months. Each frame then goes through a process of hand drilling and hand scratching to give each one its tactile sensibility and nuance.

Chambers from Blake Kuwahara

Achieving the Perfect Juxtaposition with Gwathmey

Another such example is his Gwathmey series of sunglasses. It thrives on minimalism and utilizing negative spaces makes itself a ‘frame-within-a-frame’ eyewear piece of art with its stainless steel construction and laminated acetate temples. A perfect example of juxtaposition of shapes, the unisex sunglasses Gwathmey works for both men and women. These sunglasses are handmade in Japan and oozes with quality, innovation and creativity. The Foster series also combines the signature “frame-within-a-frame” construction with a metal chassis and temples for a strong and distinctive look.

Gwathmey series sunglasses from Blake kuwahara

Kuwahara focuses on the finer details, to make his designer frames unique and practical yet artistic as well. Even the temple tips are a process in itself. Crystals are laminated then lasered onto the frames.

Blake Kuwahara Gwathmey

The signature Blake Kuwahara family crest made up of metal is embedded and later hand polished addressing to his innovative and arduous dedication to making eyewear that meets the need of the discerning designer eyewear consumer. These handmade in Japan designer eyewear oozes with quality and individuality, in each frame, the wearer can feel and see the hard work and dedication of Japanese hand-craftsmanship.


Creative Innovation Niemeyer

Niemeyer is another example of creative innovation by Blake Kuwahara. It is made by completely laminating two totally separate frames through an exclusive procedure that by itself takes an entire two months. The frames at that point experience an out of this world processing procedure to give its material sensibility and subtlety. A metal highlight gives this style an additional panache.


Mastering Makeover Eero

When it comes to choosing the sunglasses, the aviators are the evergreen ones. Blake Kuwahara has taken the classic aviators and given it a complete makeover, like Eero - The classic aviator with an amplified complete makeover with metal outer chassis acetate front. Another such augmented version of classic aviators are Gilbert- The GILBERT takes a modern spin on the aviator with its signature laminated “frame-within a-frame” construction and sleek thin metal temples. Considered by the designer,’ The New Classic’.

The classic Eero from Blake Kuwahara

As the famous quote goes, Earth without ‘Art’ would be just ‘eh’. Kuwahara doesn’t just create designer eyewear, he creates masterpieces. He creates wearable art.

GIbert sunglasses from Blake Kuwahara

Blake Kuwahara sunglasses are sold exclusively by eyewear distributor Cobalt International (Cobalt BKK) in Bangkok, Thailand.


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