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Our mobile phones are great. We wake up with them, we eat lunch with them, we go out with them and at night we go to bed with them. Often times they make us laugh, take our pictures and entertain us. They are with us at boring parties, waiting for queues and even in our bathrooms! Cell phones have, more or less, become an integral part of our lives, so much so that we can’t imagine our lives without them.


The advent and growth of electronic devices and the internet

However, the cell phone along with tablet, laptop and computers, while a unique piece of technology, wouldn’t have been able to capture almost all of our waking life if it wasn’t for the widespread internet, fuels our craze for mobile phones and related electronic devices. We wouldn’t be engaging on mobile phones so much if we were not connected to the World Wide Web and the various services and pleasures that we source from it. All the different applications, from productive to casual and games for every kind of user and let's not forget the all-important social media platforms that connect the world; our world almost revolves around our cell phones.


The irony is, in the past, with wired phones and computers, they were in a way limited in usage. Today, when we can take our phones, computers and tablets everywhere, our exposure, use and dependency on them have skyrocketed. It would not be surprising if Maslow, the great sociologist’s research on the Hierarchy of Needs got a new addition of “Internet-enabled cell phone” in the Physiological Needs category besides food, clothing and shelter.


Screen-time, Blue Light and its associated health risks

It’s a good thing though, that we have the technology to assist us, helping us make our lives easier, faster and more connected but amidst all these, are we losing something at the same time? Multiple reports have shown that heavy exposure to blue light from electronic devices causes a range of minor to major health problems starting from headaches, Digital Eye Strains (DES), dry eyes, blurry vision, sore eyes, and neck muscles strains to even tumors.

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Studies have shown that computer and mobile screen emit artificial ‘blue light’ which have the potential to damage our eyes. Our eye lenses and corneas are not biologically equipped to block or reflect these blue lights, hence the potential for damage. Long exposure to blue light is akin to slow poisoning of our eyes, killing our cells in the retina, one glance at a time.


Not all blue light is harmful, however, during the day, blue wavelengths can help us boost attention and our mood. But at night, the blue light from our mobile screens, not only cause damage to our eyes, due to its short wavelength, they also put us on the risk of inviting obesity, insomnia and even heart diseases as well. This stems from the fact that blue light has been proven to directly affect our body’s biological clock known as circadian rhythm.


But there’s a brighter side to these problems as researches have been looking at solutions to minimize the risk of damaging our eyes. Studies have shown that, by using dim lights in rooms, decreasing screen time before going to bed and also by using mobile applications that block blue light we can save our eyes from permanent damage. However, the best solution provided by these experts is to use eye-wear that permanently block and/or reflect this harmful blue light.


The IZIPIZI Solution to harmful blue light

Buying the best pair of anti-blue light eyewear can be a hassle with an ocean of options. For the best deal in terms of quality and protection, you need not go farther than IZIPIZI. IZIPIZI screen glasses filters and protects eyes from harmful blue light emitted from electronic screens. Not just mobile phones but tablets, computer screens, the LED lights in our homes, offices also emit this harmful light.


IZIPIZI glasses are designed to filter more than 40% of the harmful blue light that our devices emit and provide comfort to the wearer at the same time as well. They have a yellow tinted filter that cuts off the blue rays from reaching our eyes at all times during the day, from morning to evening to night-time.


With IZIPIZI #screen glasses, wearers will notice significant changes and relief with their problems like headaches, dry, tired eyes and poor sleep quality will improve. IZIPIZI glasses helps you work on the computer or watch TV without the discomfort that you might have been facing or did not notice the real cause of the problem.

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  IZIPIZI Screen glasses for blue light protection and more

What’s more, you can use IZIPIZI glasses for safer driving as well. In the evening when the sun is lower, harmful rays, bounce off the ground and are more liable to target our eyes which means our eyes are exposed to more UV and HEV radiation during evening times. So, people who use anti-blue-light IZIPIZI glasses even out of work and while driving back home have experienced better vision and clarity.


IZIPIZI screen glasses are made from polycarbonate frames making it super durable and comfortable. You can wear your IZIPIZI glasses and stay safe, not only when you are using your cell phone in the comfort of your home but in active setting like working out at the gym, compiling the last-minute report at your office or running for the hectic business trip, IZIPIZI has you covered, literally.


Also, if you are someone who is constantly experimenting with your looks then IZIPIZI glasses can add a whole new dimension to your face structure and your fashion statement. There are lots of sizes and colours to choose from IZIPIZI #Screen. With IZIPIZI glasses you can match your outfits with differently coloured glasses for all sorts of styling and fashion purposes. All black day? Done. In a rainbow-kinda mood? Done.


With IZIPIZI’s style statement and 24/7 protection against eye-strain, IZIPIZI helps you focus better on the things important to you, be it indoors or outdoors.

We’re not looking to separate you from your beloved electronic screens. Instead, we at Cobalt International (Cobaltbkk) are looking to raise awareness on the possible harmful side effects and how IZIPIZI can help you mitigate those risks.


Do your eyes a favor and pick anti-blue light glasses this time available at Cobalt International (Cobaltbkk).

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