Make Round Frames Cool Again

The Round frames are here, and they are here to stay. From celebrities like Kendall Jenner to Korean pop idols, everyone flaunted round frames in 2018.  If you’re a fashionista looking for a classic addition to your eyewear closet, these geeky yet stylish pair of glasses are a MUST have in your shelf this year.


Back in the ’70s, the stars on screen wooed their audience with round steel framed eyewears. A touch of gold and silver to these classic glasses turned them into royalty. The round framed eyewear slowly drowned in the sea of new designs coming in fashion. But they are back in trend and they are here to stay. If you are thinking of getting a new pair of designer eyewear in Bangkok, you should surely keep Round frames to your options.

Round Frames sunglasses at cobalt


Though the round framed designer eyewear is an accessory you are tempted to own, you will need to check if it suits your face shape. You certainly would not want to look awkward in your most prized possession.

Here is insider guide to eyewear in Thailand


The round frames usually suit faces with angular features. It works best with a square-shaped face and also would blend in with oval face shape. You can opt to choose round frames if you have angular features as the circular structure of the frame balances the angular structure of your face. However, if you have a round face, the round frame is surely a No-No! These two don’t go along really well.  So, unless your face is not round in structure, round framed designer eyewear will prove to accentuate your personality.


Now, since we have the basics of choosing a round frame covered, let’s get you hyped up with the best round framed designer eyewear you can find at Cobalt International (Cobalt BKK), Bangkok.


1.    Soupcan by TAVAT

The soup can design from TAVAT is inspired by the concept of making goggles from a soup can back in the 1930s in America. Made with great attention to details by Italian craftsmen, the soup can be a classy addition to your designer eyewear collection. Each frame is handcrafted to perfection and the sunglasses use melanin sunglasses lenses that eliminate 98% of ultra-violet blue rays which is harmful to the eyes.




The soup can is a clear winner if you’re looking for a classy pair of sunglasses that will keep your eyes safe and still make you feel like a classic Superstar.


2. Blake Kuwahara’s artful yet wearable round frames

The Blake Kuwahara eyewear available at Cobalt International (Cobalt BKK) holds authenticity in its frames. The seamless fusion of two separate frames and the juxtaposition of contrasting form and color create a design tension that is thoroughly modern yet comfortably familiar. Lifesaver, Otto, Pei are some of Kuwahara’s masterpieces that are artful and modern.

Blake Kuwahara LIFESAVER Azure

Blake Kuwahara LIFESAVER Azure

The round frames from Kuwahara embrace an avant-garde personality and are as unique as your personality. At Kuwahara, your search for artful yet comfortable designer eyewear will come to an end. You will definitely discover a pair of eyewear that suits your aesthetic.


3. Round Sunglasses from IZIPIZI


Round framed sunglasses from IZIPIZI for adults, kids and adventurers for optimum protection and style.


a. IZIPIZI for Adults 

If you are one of those people who are spontaneous and love to add up funk to their lives, you will love IZIPIZI’s sunglasses collection. Not to mention the round frames like from IZIPIZI reflects excitement and funk. From bright colors to the fun pattern, IZIPIZI eyewear’s round frames are a must have for someone who loves to be out and about.

IZIPIZI Sun #G Green

IZIPIZI Sun #G Green

The best part about these designer eyewear is that they provide optimum protection from ultraviolet rays, comfort, and designs that will make head turn to you. IZIPIZI Sun #G has classic round frames transformed to match your fun-loving personality.


b. IZIPIZI for Kids

For Kids who love to hassle all day long, IZIPIZI is just the right brand for them. They hustle and play and look cute while making all the mess. Round frames look adorable on your children, especially when glasses are colorful and fun. IZIPIZI’S Kid’s collection has four levels to choose from:

Sun Baby (0-12 months)

Sun Kids (12-36 months)

Sun Junior (3-10 years)

Screen Junior (3-10 years)




These glasses are ultra-trendy and use polarized lenses which provide 100% protection from UV rays for your young ones. The frames are available in various colors as red, blue, lemonade and black.


c. IZIPIZI Sun Glaciers 


Adventurers Alert! The glacier glasses are what you have been missing all your life if you do not own it yet. IZIPIZI Sun glacier glasses are specifically designed for skiing and mountaineering enthusiast. These round frames come in different colors and patterns for both male and female.



Thanks to their removable coated cotton side shields and category 4, 100% UV protection lenses, your eyes will be protected from the cold, snow and intense light found on mountain peaks, and at the same time, you look ultra-trendy with round frames.


4. Metal round frames from Spektre

Recently added in the eyewear collection at Cobalt International (Cobalt Bkk), Spektre is famous for mixing street style and elegance, enhancing the unconventional side of one’s personality.

Famous among Hollywood celebrities and designers, Spektre is for people who love the simple but edgy design, Spektre’s sunglasses such as Dada, Narciso, Yoko and other could be some of your options in thin metal round frames. But if you want to try something new, Metro Flat with Highbrow bar will win your hearts. These round frames look edgy and great for a futuristic look and are manufactured in Milan, Italy.

Spektre Dada Holographic / Blue – Yellow

Spektre Dada Holographic / Blue – Yellow


 The round frames are often stereotyped as a nerdy design. But they are a classic piece of designer eyewear that can formalize your look or with fun colors and patterns turn your look to ultra-trendy. Besides, the round frames are suitable as sunglasses or reading glasses and even as a part of your favorite adventure sports.


Select the one that best suits your face and personality. The round frame designer eyewear collection is available at Cobalt International (Cobalt BKK)

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