Cobalt Sunglasses Style Guide with Spektre

Spektre sunglasses at cobalt

Matrix. Round. Mirrored. No, these are not just shapes, these are sunglasses that ruled 2018. Your favourite stars were seen flaunting chic designer sunglasses this season. Be it round frames or the mirrored lens, these sunglasses won hearts of celebrities and designers alike.

Wondering what could trend in the world of sunglasses this summer? What could be your sunglasses mantra? We have it all covered with Spektre.

Prepare yourselves to own the perfect sunglasses to show off this summer. We have handpicked some of the coolest designs for you to flaunt from Spektre. Spektre is a sunglasses brand based in Milan and founded in 2009. Spektre Sunglasses have caught the eye of many Stylists, Designers, Buyers, Top Models, Fashion Editors, and Bloggers. Known for its elegance and street style, the designs from Spektre will win your heart. Spektre is now sold in the world’s most cutting-edge boutiques in over 56 countries including Cobalt International, Bangkok (Cobalt Bkk).

Style Guide for Women with Spektre

 It’s the season for cat eyes, round frames, and geometric shapes. Select your sunglasses to stand out from the crowd this summer.

Cateye Sunglasses

Whether you are staring at a drawer full of sunglasses or deciding to pull one up from the shelves, we would suggest you pick cat eyes. If you have angular or strong jawline features, these glasses are a must-have for ostentation of your facial features.

Spektre frida at cobaltbkk

Celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Reese Witherspoon have been seen wearing cat eyes casually, creating airport style trends.  If your clear winner in designer sunglasses are cat eyes, Frida and Eclipse by Spektre are what you are looking for.

Round Frames

The round frames circulated in front pages of fashion magazines and in the faces of celebrities. These vintage classy frames suitable for triangular or square face structure were brought in trend by the K-pop Idols. While Korean music exploded its way to Grammy’s last year so did their sunglasses trends. The round frames are back and they are back to make a statement of class and trend.

Spektre narciso at cobaltbkk

At Spektre, Dada, Narciso and Yoko are some of the sunglasses for you if you are into round frames with translucent color lens and patterned frames. They are classy accessories to own and flaunt this summer.

Small, Narrow Frames

Did you fall in love with the Game of Thrones beauty Sansa Stark’s (Sophie Turner) sunglasses this year? She was seen rocking sunglasses from the ’90s. The classic narrow frames in bold colors are definitely in this season. If you think these sunglasses are not for you, think again, because they are and your favorite artists are wearing it with pride. Vanity, XYZ, and XXX or subtle slim narrow frame design available at Cobalt International (Cobalt Bkk) from Spektre.

Spektre xyz at cobaltbkk

Wide Frames/Lenses

This year we also witnessed celebrities going bold with wide frames. From Kardashians to Rihanna’s black and white patterned wide frames, the limelight is on these bold wide frames. Best suited with an oval face, wide sunglasses give you an edge. The overall look is fun and ultra-trendy. Strong colors like red, maroon and patterned designs made it to the shelf of your beloved celebrities.

‘Love Story’ and ‘Denora’ are few of the wide framed sunglasses that you could pair up with your look this summer.

Spektre denora at cobaltbkk

Patterned and/or Coloured Frames

All your life you might have picked up black or brown sunglasses. This year experiment with colours and patterns. The colours and patterns add funk to your sunglasses. Get sunglasses that are no longer boring and mundane. Scan through our collection and discover the design that best suits your personality. Ditch the boring frames and find sunglasses that excites you from within like Met-Ro 2 Green Mirror or Stardust from Spektre’s collection.

Spektre stardust at cobaltbkk

Translucent Lens

With dark shades ruling the industry for years, we saw translucent lens competing against them. The subtle color of blue, brown or yellow was seen on celebrities this year. The tinted gray, blue lens on colorful and patterned frames were new favorites for celebrities and designer alike. Match the sunglasses color to your attire to make it look even more gorgeous.

Spektre collection has combinations that will definitely have head turned towards you. Dada, Blade and Miller are some designs you would love to own.

Spektre dada at cobaltbkk

Thin Metal Frames or No Frames at All

We saw geometric shapes rise, we saw 90’s style trend in the eyewear industry. Bold and fun designs all the way. But the thin frames represented minimalistic aesthetics.  Minimalism is the new sexy. Broad sunglasses without frames made it to the shelves of superstars.

Miller, Off Shore 1 and See You Soon are some bold yet, minimalistic sunglasses by Spektre to choose from this year.

Spektre miller at cobaltbkk

Style Guide for Men with Spektre

Show off a sophisticated look this summer with Sunglasses from Spektre. After all, why should girls have all the fun when it comes to sunglasses?

The Classic Round Frames

Jon Snow might not know anything, but he definitely knows to pick his eyewear. Seen casually flaunting his round frames, GOT fame- Kit Harington looked simple yet classy in it. Compared to round sunglasses for women, the round frames for men are far more minimalist with thin metal frames and tinted lenses. These round sunglasses mirrored style and sophistication in men. Met-Ro Flat from Spektre is one of the round-framed sunglasses that is sure to steal your heart.

Spektre met_ro flat at cobaltbkk

Forever Green-The Aviators

With new designs coming in and going out of trend, Aviators have found a firm ground to hold on to in Fashion industry. The newest Mission Impossible movie saw Tom Cruise in Aviators, and it stunned us to the bones. You can also rock your bad boy look with Aviators like Avanti and Saint Tropez. They are available in various patterns and colors at Cobalt International (Cobalt BKK)

Spektre avanti at cobaltbkk

Mirrored Sunglasses

Mirrored sunglasses were a celebrity favorite this season. From Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt to the real life prince, Prince Charles of United Kingdom were spotted rocking a pair of mirrored sunglasses. Check out mirrored sunglasses from Spektre’s collection like Memento, Morgan Flat and Met-Ro. You would not want to miss it out by not getting one for yourself, would you?

Spektre morgan flat at cobaltbkk

Geometric shaped Sunglasses

Play all the right shapes and angles with Geometric shaped sunglasses this season. The sunglasses that ruled the red carpets and the streets this year are for those daring to be different and trendy. Check out XXX, Rigaut, and Met-Ro Flat sunglasses from Spekre’s collection and hit all the right angles in your fashion statement.

Spektre regaut at cobaltbkk

Fashion is an instant language, with Spektre sunglasses, speak a million words without saying a word. So, don’t wait to own the perfect pair of sunglasses, get yourself one easily online by placing your orders @CobaltBkk or from Cobalt International (Cobalt BKK) store at Siam Discovery, Bangkok, Thailand.

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