The Insider Guide to Eyewear in Thailand by Cobalt International

Do you find yourself scanning through shelves full of sunglasses in Bangkok? But still, you are not sure about what you are looking for among 100 of those designer eyewear? As exciting Eyewear shopping can get, it can turn out to be frustrating at times too. When you are not sure about which eyewear design actually suits your face shape, hair color, and personal style, buying glasses in Bangkok will only leave you in confusion.



With so many eyewear brands to choose from, it’s understandable that finding the right eyewear becomes crucial. At Cobalt BKK, you can explore designer eyewear that looks good and feels great to own. You can opt between designer eyewear from internationally acclaimed brands as Kuwahara Eyewear, Tavat, Boston Club eyewear, Izipizi, Cazal and Spektre. There is an exquisite eyewear for every Face shape, skin tone, and personality. And we are here to guide you to find your perfect pair of designer eyewear in Bangkok.

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The first thing to remember while buying a new pair of sunglasses is to find one that suits your face shape. Many at times, people fail to do so resulting in glasses that look odd in the face. If your face is round, go with rectangular or winged eyewear. Albers, Arata, Blore, Chambers can be some of the options you can choose from Blake Kuwahara eyewear. If you have a square face, you can opt for oval shaped glasses. Be it Weston, or Stuart from Boston Club Eyewear, both will suit square-shaped face. For heart shaped and triangular face shapes, you can pull off a bolder statement by picking round frames. G tortoise or G green glasses from Izipizi will surely lure you to buying one if you have a heart or triangular shaped face.



Most people usually prefer the standard color of black, grey or brown in frames. But finding that right match to your skin tone will surely bring out the aesthetic of designer eyewear. For rosy complexion blue, gray, green and other subtle coloured frames look best. While for neutral skin type, go bold with black or even the Kuwahara's artful yet wearable glasses would suit your complexion. Silver and gold is also a color combination that blends in with neutral skin tone.



The size of the frame is also a determining factor while choosing eyewear. If you are looking for something subtle, choose frames that are not too wide and broad. But if you are experimenting and want to flaunt your bold facial features, wide and broad frames could add aesthetic to your style. Soupcan, Tactile are some designs from Tavat with broader frames, giving an edge to the eyewear. As per your face shape choose the design that best fits you. If you do not want to draw too much attention, it is always suggested to wear thin frames.


Glasses according for facial shape


At Bangkok, the needs for all the designer eyewear enthusiast come to fulfilment. You can even find cool and fun designer glasses for your young one. The Kids collection from Izipizi is for those mischievous little ones who love to be active all day through. The collection in itself is fun, trendy and reflects carefree yet protective glasses for kids.

With so many choices to pick from, be sure you choose the right eyewear that adds beauty to your personality. Choose eyewear that best reflects you but also blends in with your face shape, skin tone, and personality. Eyewear does not define you but it surely accentuates the personality you reflect.

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