Protecting Your Eyes for Tomorrow with TAVAT and IZIPIZI Anti-Blue Light Lenses

Too much of a good thing is great. But the same is not true for everything else. The white light we see is an amalgamation of red, yellow, orange, green, blue, indigo and violet light. Every day we are exposed to the sunlight which is a combination of all these colors. Each of these lights have different wavelengths and energy. The white light we see has a large amount of blue component, which exposes our eyes to a larger wavelength of blue. As useful these blue components are, the harms of the blue light is inevitable. Exposure to too much blue light can lead to serious health issues.




The largest source of the blue light is sunlight. Other contributors include LEDs, CFLs, smartphones, tablets, and fluorescent lights. With the development of technology and Thailand being the world leader for time spent on the internet and internet mobile per day according to the Bangkok Post, our lives are fully dependent on screens and monitors. Our eyes are exposed to blue light from the screen from morning till the end of the day. While we struggle to sleep at night, we find comfort in our smartphones, not realising the amount of blue light our eyes are being exposed to. Simply ignorant of the harm imposed by these lights, our eyes are deteriorated a little every day.


Preventing our eyes from the damage of blue light with TAVAT melanin lenses and IZIPIZI #Screen collection


During the day, the exposure to blue lights boosts attention and mood of an individual. It also sets the circadian rhythm- body’s natural sleep and wake cycle. But things start getting troublesome when too much blue light passes through our lens and cornea, thereupon come in contact with the retina. It starts affecting vision and prematurely ages the eyes. Blue lights from smartphone’s screen and monitors can lead to digital eyestrain. The symptoms include irritated eyes, soreness, and difficulty in focusing. Long-term exposure to blue light can also lead to damage of retinal molecules. The same molecules that allow us to see. "You need a continuous supply of retinal molecules if you want to see," says Ajith Karunarathne of the University of Toledo. "Photoreceptors are useless without retinal, which is produced in the eye."



However, as concerning these harms are, there are a few ways to minimize the level of exposure to blue lights. First and foremost being, reducing the screen time. Try taking breaks while using your laptops and phones. Definitely, avoid being around screens in dark. Yellow tinted lenses in glasses help as well, so does the use of melanin infused glasses from TAVAT eyewear. Melanin is a naturally found pigment throughout our body that helps filter “violet-blue” light. TAVAT sunglasses infused with synthetic melanin acts as a shield between UV rays and filters 97% of harmful “violet-blue” light. TAVAT Rx melanin lenses are infused with a synthetic melanin to provide the ultimate in eye protection, improving clarity, enhancing contrast, without any color distortion.



On the other hand, IZIPIZI #Screen Collection is designed for people who needs to spend extra time on computer or are exposed to blue light from electronic screens. This is also true for Gamers who spend hours on TV and computer games trying to level up. IZIPIZI screen glasses filters 40% of the blue light* emitted by electronic screen. It’s an innovative glass for everyday use and protects stylishly.


Our eyes are exposed to a large amount of violet-blue light every day. The detrimental effects of blue lights can be prevented, only if we start being more cautious to these harms. While a certain amount of exposure to these blue lights is important, too much of the same can cause menacing eyesight issues.


TAVAT and IZIPIZI eyewear are distributed exclusively by Cobalt International (CobaltBkk) in Thailand.


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