The Unbreakable IZIPIZI sunglasses

Have you ever felt your heart skip a beat when your favourite pair of designer eyewear accidentally fell on the floor? Or been agitated every time your child dropped their eyeglasses while stumbling on the playground? A normal lens made up of plastic or glass will not endure both these circumstances. The vulnerability to high impact makes it impossible for the plastic or glass lenses to endure extreme pressure resulting in broken pieces of your favourite eyewear. To avoid this, IZIPIZI eyewear uses polycarbonate lenses to make their eyeglasses unbreakable, yet stylish.


Introduced in the 1950’s, the polycarbonate sets standard in eyewear safety. Originally used by NASA to built helmet visors for astronauts and space shuttle windshield, polycarbonate is super durable. 20% thinner than standard plastic or glass lenses, the polycarbonate as described by The Vision Council is “virtually unbreakable”. It is 10 times more impact resistant than plastic and glass lenses. The adoption of polycarbonate in the lenses results in an unbreakable IZIPIZI eyewear that is suitable for daily use. You no longer need to worry about your favourite eyewear cracking or falling apart.


The use of polycarbonate in sunglasses, screen glasses or reading glasses provides a clear and comfortable vision in adults as well as kids. Because of the thin look, the frames with these lenses are also ideal for people with a strong prescription. Its thin structure provides the glasses with slimmer and attractive aesthetics. The IZIPIZI eyewear uses polycarbonate in their lenses that give an edge to the eyewear design. The slim look and light weight of the glasses make the eyewear stylish yet comfortable to wear.


Apart from durability, these glasses can also protect your eyes against harmful Ultraviolet rays. The lenses made with Polycarbonate in IZIPIZI eyewear blocks 99% of harmful UV rays and also filters 44% of blue light rays that affect cornea of our eyes in long run. These specific type of thermoplastic can endure high pressure and impact without compromising the look of your glasses. The sunglasses made with polycarbonate can be the most suitable accessory to own if you are one of those people who love traveling and are out in the sun often. Your eyes are safe with unbreakable IZIPIZI glasses.

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The benefits as durability, protection against UV rays and lightweight of polycarbonate material makes it a more appropriate choice for eyewear designer to craft their lenses with in comparison to plastic and glasses. The eyeglasses made with polycarbonate are suitable to use on a daily basis and also ideal for kids who love to play around any time of the day. It protects your child’s eyes from injuries relating to broken lenses and also protects them against harmful UV rays. Ophthalmologist often recommend polycarbonate lenses due to its high durability.


IZIPIZI eyewear with polycarbonate lenses and durable frames are suitable for anyone with an active job to athletes. These durable pieces of fashionable eyewear suitable for daily use are worth investing in. The IZIPIZI eyewear is easily available at Cobalt BKK.









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